Landscaping Design

You have the basics of landscaping pretty well nailed down; now comes one of the most important parts, designing your yard and how you are going to landscape it.

The worst thing you can do at this point is to decide to "wing it" and figure it out as you go. there is nothing worse then getting halfway through a project only to find out a certain aspect cant be done or will cost a lot extra because of something that was previously unforeseen. Of course things can happen that you don't expect but you can cut down on a lot of the potential problems by taking a walk around your yard and just getting a rough picture of what you have currently and what you want.

After taking a quick walk around your yard, it is time to actually draw out your design. A simple pencil and paper drawing will suffice, it doesn't have to an art masterpiece, just a drawing with enough detail to layout what types of plants you want, where you want them, how it is to be arranged, etc.

If your having difficulty layout your landscaping on paper then pick up some gardening or landscaping magazines; you can also go for a drive or a walk around your neighborhood to see if anything inspires you. The internet is always at your finger-tips and is a great source of pictures and examples of gardens and landscaping. The TV can also be used as a source of inspiration, there are many networks today that are solely dedicated to home and garden type shows. Any number of sources can be utilized to help design and inspire you.